Saturday, February 28, 2009

Let the good times roll, and roll, and roll!

Our life is hectic, but we found time to go out for an afternoon of fun to celebrate Caroline's fourth birthday. We went to lunch at "Ol' McDonald's," and after the girls ate their nuggets, they got to go explore the play area. It was fairly crowded that day, so we had a nice audience when Caroline decided to yell from the 15 feet above us, "Does Ol' McDonald's have a bathroom? 'Cause I need to go poop!" Then everyone got to watch Ethan and I coaching Caroline on how to get out of the tunnel maze without going down the slide that hurt her tummy. Holly added to the entertainment too. Every time she saw Ronald McDonald, Holly would say "Jesus!" The only thing we could figure out was that he had his hands held out in a similar pose to Jesus in one familiar painting. Bowling was fun, but at once slow and chaotic. The video will give you an idea of why. Fun times! On an interesting note, Ethan and I bowled on our first date! It was fun to go nine years later (almost exactly) with our two little girls!

Holly provided our cheering section and made sure that neither Ethan nor I scored above an 85. Normally Ethan beats the pants off me, but he only beat me by one this time. Check out Caroline in her snazzy bowling shoes!