Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Before Goofy Juice - hyper but coherent

Goofy Juice

I don't know how well you'll be able to tell, but Caroline
got pretty funny after drinking the sedative they gave her.
Eventually, she couldn't sit up very well and just laid down.

"I can't wait!"

Those were Caroline's words as we got out of the car
at 5:30 this morning. Ethan I just smiled sadly.
We knew what was coming even if she didn't.
Tonsillectomy patients don't feel as well after
the surgery as they do before. Here she is in the
hospital "room" with her gown on - and a big smile.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Caroline's New Jacket - My latest sewing victory

This material came from the stash Grandma Lee sent me.
After an additional $7 in supplies and 7 hours sewing,
here is the result. Yea Me!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jump Right In!

Well, it is time to catch up. I haven't posted a blog for a while. While staying at my mom's house, we wanted to have a little fun. We had a lot of fun. Maybe it wasn't the safest activity I've provided for my girls, but it was a blast. It turns out that a inflatable pool with a sprinkler on a trampoline will entertain four girls indefinitely.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Holly, where's your chicken?

We were playing "Where's your..." with Holly this morning
when we woke up. We realized that somewhere along the way
she's gotten confused.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Caroline's Hair Catastrophe!

Did I say in my last post that the day couldn't get worse? Never, ever say that!

Caroline cut her hair. Actually, chopped is a better word. I'm still in shock.
You can see why.

Pictures of how I can fix Caroline's hair now.

poop soup

This post is not for the weak of stomach. I had the girls in the bathtub this morning and Ethan was in the bathroom with them while I was in the kitchen. Suddenly heard Caroline squealing, "Ewww! Ewww! Ewww!" Then I heard Ethan asking, "What is it Caroline? Did Holly poop?" I don't know if he really expected that or was just joking, but she had. And what did he do? He called for me and scooted off to work. I discovered a bathtub full of two little girls, about eight or nine bath toys, and more than twenty little cocoa puff poop balls and one big turd. I have to say, it was one of the few times Caroline has willingly gotten out of the bathtub. The other times were other poop in the tub incidents. Yes, this has happened twice before. So as I scooped out the poop with a soup ladle (it will be replaced) and pondered the best way to sanitize the tub and bath toys, I thought, "Thanks Holly, for this wonderful gift at 7:30 in the morning." At least the day can only get better, right?
I'm so tired of poop!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Let the good times roll, and roll, and roll!

Our life is hectic, but we found time to go out for an afternoon of fun to celebrate Caroline's fourth birthday. We went to lunch at "Ol' McDonald's," and after the girls ate their nuggets, they got to go explore the play area. It was fairly crowded that day, so we had a nice audience when Caroline decided to yell from the 15 feet above us, "Does Ol' McDonald's have a bathroom? 'Cause I need to go poop!" Then everyone got to watch Ethan and I coaching Caroline on how to get out of the tunnel maze without going down the slide that hurt her tummy. Holly added to the entertainment too. Every time she saw Ronald McDonald, Holly would say "Jesus!" The only thing we could figure out was that he had his hands held out in a similar pose to Jesus in one familiar painting. Bowling was fun, but at once slow and chaotic. The video will give you an idea of why. Fun times! On an interesting note, Ethan and I bowled on our first date! It was fun to go nine years later (almost exactly) with our two little girls!

Holly provided our cheering section and made sure that neither Ethan nor I scored above an 85. Normally Ethan beats the pants off me, but he only beat me by one this time. Check out Caroline in her snazzy bowling shoes!